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How to successfully completely uninstall Cisco AnyConnect (Solved)

If you uninstall  Cisco AnyConnect using just the Control Panel, you may notice that some tools do not fully uninstall, and can interfere with re-installing the application/installing a new application. Use the following steps below to ensure Cisco AnyConnect is completely uninstalled: Start by downloading the Program Install...
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How-To fix: Explorer.Exe system call failed [Solved]

Explorer.exe system call failed -once this error occurs, it can impede anything you are trying to accomplish on your computer. You are not able to open any programs, any windows, any browsers, nothing. There is a fix that I have done myself over the years to deal with...
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Removing an MDM Agent Profile on iPhone (i.e Airwatch Agent)

Sometimes uninstalling the application or performing an Enterprise Wipe doesn’t fully wipe the profile, so some manual work has to be inputted. This is a quick walkthrough on how to completely wipe the profile as it is handy in fixing many other issue (directions with pictures below): SOLUTION:...
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