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How to secure an AWS S3 bucket by using a source IP bucket policy address [Solved]

There are many ways to secure the AWS S3 bucket as in he previous article where you can make the bucket sure by adding a condition to only allow users when using a secure protocol – see the link for full article http://awsarticles.com/how-to-secure-an-aws-s3-bucket-using-a-aws-bucket-policy-solved/?preview_id=1240&preview_nonce=bdcdf32aa5&post_format=standard&_thumbnail_id=-1&preview=true There are ways to lock...
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How to: Archive emails in Outlook

If you have a hard limit on how much can be stored on-prem in Outlook, or have an annoying .ost file that is taking up space no matter how many times you rebuild, then one of the more viable solutions may be to archive more messages onto Outlook...
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How to get free WiFi on an airplane

No one can be bothered to pay those pesky airline WiFi fees. Some of them can range upwards of $15-20 for a two hour flight, for some subpar WiFi that can’t even load the simplest of web pages. This lifehack has a decent probability of working, but slowly...
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