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How to change the instance in AWS from On-Demand to Reserved Instance step by step

On-demand pricing is much higher than the reserved Instance prices – In AWS reserved instances are set by type and not by instance ID – for example if  you have an instance running as “Instance type t2.nano” and it needs to be up 24/7 and 365 days of the year and you are ok  with the capacity limits of the instance then it would make sense to make the instance a reserve instance –

Reserved Instances are region based and can not be moved to other regions

More Info can be found by going to the AWS site with the link below


Here  is how you can see if you have any reserved instances by going to the AWS console and EC2 Dashboard



If you don’t have Instance there then you will see a wizard where you can complete the purchase – here is what you need to know once you have completed the purchase then whether the Instance is on or off – all is paid in advance

Once you click on purchase Instances then you have the options to select ot bes shuit your needs


In this demo – you can see we have selected “t2.nano” Platform is Linux” term is any and then click on “search”

below is the screen shot from the search results and you can see the price difference for the 12 months

  1.  With no money up front you can see hourly rate is “$0.005”
  2. With partial upfront, you can see the rate changes to “$0.002”
  3. With all upfront, you can see hourly is “$0.00” which means your instance is fully paid for the year and has a reserved space in case if there is a failure and space is limited








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