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[Solved] How to Fix: Unable to Move Message to mailbox trash on iPhone

If you’re like me- you need to have 0 notifications on your phone at all times. One of the biggest violators of this is email, it seems like every few minutes something a little notification is popping up. My constant back and forth with email reached a grinding halt when I encountered this pesky little error:

Luckily, there a few solutions that you can try and both are a relatively painless and quick fix (in the case you are providing administrative support, you won’t have to keep the user waiting for a while):


The first way that usually fixes this error is simply toggling the mail on and off. That can be done by following the steps below:

  1. First off, navigate to “Settings” from your home page.
  2. Within settings, scroll down to “Accounts & Passwords” (Note: this is on iOS 11 and higher, if below, refer to below note)
  3. From here, select the account in question where the mail is unable to move message
  4. Finally, one of the first toggle-able options on the list will be ‘Mail’. Toggle it off, and back on. This should re-sync your mailbox with the server, allowing you to be able to delete email successfully.


If the above solution did not work for you- I have tried this as a backup with success quite often. This solution is to completely remove and re-add the email account. Depending on whether you have added it manually or through an MDM Agent, the method of adding it may differ. Since most users are adding manually, the directions below cover on how to do that.

  1. Do steps 1 & 2 from above to navigate to the account in question (Settings -> Accounts & Passwords). Once selected, scroll down to the bottom and select ‘Delete Account’. (If this isn’t available, your mailbox is managed by your administrator and will require removing the device manager profile – which can be found Here).
  2. This will delete the account fully. To re-add, go back to Accounts and select to ‘Add Account’
  3. From the list presented, select the host of your account and provide your email and password and follow the prompts there. This will result in addition of your account, and should resolve the issue


*If you are using iOS 11.0 or below – Mail is a separate option found in the menu after selecting ‘Settings’. Rest of the instructions should be followed the same. If this resolved your issue, please leave a comment! If it did not, let me know what went wrong and I will gladly take a look into resolving issues.




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