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How to configure and implement AWS VPC Peering in AWS

AWS  VPC peering connection is a logical connection between two VPC’s.  It is like a point to point connection that uses AWS backbone to route traffic and you can consider it like connecting two data centers with a layer three link

AWS VPC peering can be very granular and controlled and can be locked down by the security groups/subnets with in the VPC –

Here are the steps to get started

Log in to the console and click on the Peering Connection in the left pane to get started


One thing you will need to make a note  of would be the VPC ID’s and like the screenshot below


Click on the Create VPC Peering Connection to start –

  • Name Tag: Name the connection like prod to test etc
  • Local VPC to peer:  this is where you will add the local VPC peer ID and just typing vpc will display all the VPC’s
  • Account : You also have the option to run the peering connection to other accounts but has to be the same region
  • VPC: this would be the ID of the remote VPC


Once all info is in and validated  then you can click on the Create VPC Peering




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