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How to configure AWS Microsoft Active Directory services step by step

This article will walk you thru on how to configure AWS Microsoft Active directory services step by step. before you start it is important to understand that Microsoft Active directory is a stripped version of Active Direct with fewer’s  OU’s. During the setup you have two choose two different subnets and admin account that will be used to manage Active Directory to manage users and groups. The DS service buld tow domain controllers in two different subnets, however you are not able to login directly into the domain controller.  This will also create a special security group that will be assigned to the domain controllers with all the port needed


To get started you will need to login into the console and choose services and AWS directory services



Click on the “Set up directory” to start setting up the MS AD. “Setup up Directory” blue radio button will take to you the next page

Below is the info you will need to get started

  1. You will need to chose the licensing  type
  2. Name of your directory
  3. Admin password to control Active Directory users and groups
  4. VPC details
  5. you will also need to choose at least two subnets for redundancy

Below is an example with test AS details – you also get a free 30 days trial if you have not used it before – Create AD will create MS AD for you in AWS

Below are the details that you will see during the creation of the AD

Once the AD has been created – note the details as highlighted in the screenshot

  1. Subnet shows the two subnets that were chosen during the build out


In order to login into the manage AD in AWS, you will need to install the Windows server with Active directory user and computers tools

Once the AWS directory services is up and running – below are the options that you will see that you have access to

1. Apps and services:

Apps and services gives the built-in integration that yo can use with directory services -Not all services work with the directory service – in this case I am using directory service with AWS workspaces




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