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How to create a AWS NAT Gateway in AWS step by step in the AWS Console

To give little description on what AWS NAT gateway does is give access to the internet to your EC2  instances in the private subnets which otherwise would have no access to the outside world for example if needed virus definition updates or windows updates

AWS NAT Gateway is service that actually replaces NAT instances –

here is why you would want to use the NAT gateway versus NAT instance

  1.  It is managed service maintained by AWS
  2. Very easy to configure and implement
  3. High availability is managed by AWS and not you

There are many ways to create a NAT gateway – if you are starting from scratch with the VPC wizard in the console – it will create a NAT gateway for you like the example below


You can also create it manually from the AWS console by going to the VPC Dashboard  and on the left pane click on ” NAT Gateway” to get started


You can see that I don’t have any Gateways configured – click on the Create to create one


  1. You will need to choose the subnet that you will need to assign to the NAT Gateway, most likely this should be a public subnet
  2. Assign an elastic IP  if you have one available then you can choose from the drop down menu or there is an option to create a new one


Once your NAT Gateway is created – note the following few things

  1. You can see your NAT ID
  2. You can see the Gateway by clicking on View NAT Gateway
  3. You will also need to modify route tables if needed



Few things to note that you will need to make sure that internet gateway is attached to your VPC and you have all appropriates routes added and a default route added to your internet gatway





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