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[solved] How to create a hosted public zone in AWS Route 53

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This article will walk you thru on creating an AWS route 53 public zone and steps include if the your domain is hosted in GoDaddy.com  you need to make sure that you have an account in AWS.

There are three steps and they need to be executed in order

  1. Create a Public zone in AWS Route 53
  2. Export the zone file from GoDaddy and Import the Zone file into AWS Route 53 ro manaully create the records
  3. Make Route 53 the Authoritative server for your domain

Login to your AWS account and then search for Route 53 in the services

Choose the Route 53 and go to the next screen and you will four options and since we are creating a public zone, we will need to choose “DNS Management” – double click on the “DNS Management”

Click on the blue radio button “Create Hosted Zone” to create a new zone

Enter the name of the domain that you own and want to bring into Route 53 and in “Type”  yoiu will two options, One is Private and the other will be public, which is covered in this article and we will choose public

This will create the public zone for that domain in AWS Route 53 and will create 4 Named DNS servers as below

Now you will need to login where your domain DNS is managed and change the Authoritative servers to new AWS DNS servers like screen show below and will need to wait for the time to live to expire and check to see if the new servers are now doing the DNS lookups for you site and can be done with the command line tool with “NSLOOKUP set querytype=soa” and it should give you the name servers for your site and before you can do that change the nameservers to point them to the AWS DNS servers by logging into the existing providers where your name servers are configured

Once the TTL expires then the new name servers will start serving the record for your domain and you can confirm that by doing the NSLOOKUP and you can see that new servers are the AWS servers hosting the name records

You have just successfully  switched the hosted zone from your provider to AWS and you can create health checks and monitor your sites better using the builtin health check options

Last step is optional where you can move your domain name to AWS if required

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