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How to create an image of your EC2 Instance in AWS step by step

Very simple process to create an image of your existing EC2 instance which can be used as a backup for changes or  if you wanted to just have a copy around after application new releases or just a backup

This process covers all the drives which is very nice however you have cautious of the cost , which can be very expensive. In the VMWare environment , this is called “cloning”

Best practices include that you power off your EC2 instance by going to the EC2 dashboard and Actions, Instance State and click Stop



Clicking Yes, Stop will stop your instance


Now you can create an image by doing the following steps

  1.  in EC2 Dashboard click on Actions
  2. Click on Image
  3. Click on create Image



here is where you can  change the options if you like

  1.  Make a note of the Instance ID
  2. Name your Image and add description if you like
  3. Drive size can be expanded now
  4.  Delete on termination is not checked – you check it if needed and this will terminate EBS storage along with the EC2 instance if checked
  5.  Click on Create Image to start the image process


you can click on view pending image to see the progress of the image


You can go to AMI in the left pane in EC2 Dashboard to see the newly created image also know as AMI



Now you have a snapshot of your EC2 instance and can be used in DR or to rebuild the instance


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