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How-To fix: Explorer.Exe system call failed [Solved]

Explorer.exe system call failed -once this error occurs, it can impede anything you are trying to accomplish on your computer. You are not able to open any programs, any windows, any browsers, nothing. There is a fix that I have done myself over the years to deal with this issue, resulting in about a 95% success rate in fixing the Explorer.exe system call failed.


This fix requires shutting down the explorer.exe process and starting it back up – followed by a reboot. If you know how to do this already, get at it!! For those who like a little bit of instruction like me, follow along below:

  • First off, start by hitting “Ctrl + Alt + Delete” and opening Task Manager. Once selected, navigate from the top tab to view running processes. I like to organize them alphabetically- then scroll down to Explorer.exe.

  • Then, select however many explorer.exe processes are running select ‘End Process’ on the bottom right
  • Next up, select ‘File’ on the top left and run a new task (shown below). From here, do Explorer.exe and that will restart the process. Then perform a reboot on the computer and this should refresh all processes and should leave you with a smooth running computer.


-Thanks all for reading! H

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