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How to Free Storage Space On Startup Disk for MacBooks

Have you ever got a popup on your computer that said, “startup disk is full” ? I have and I always checked what was taking up so much space. When I opened to see, it said I had 96 gigabytes of “other” and I always wondered what it was. Well, here is a way to free up storage on your startup disk.


  1.  Open finder and clicked the go on the top bar of the computer.

  1. Press option button on the keyboard and click library on the list.

  1. Locate the caches folder and delete file you do not need and then empty the trash. (You can restart your computer to empty it faster)































You can also go to finder, click go, press the home tab from the list, and press command + 2 to make your files into list view.

















Then, press command + J. When you press command + J, a box pops up and check mark the box “calculate all sizes”. This shows the files that are taking up the most storage and you can delete the files that you do not need.
















Hope this helps clear up any storage on your startup disk and help make more space for things you need.

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