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How to Install the AWS CLI in Windows step by step

If you are a command line guy then AWS CLI works for  you and it can be downloaded from the following link – this article will walk you step by step to from start to finish with very little knowledge needed

Windows 64 BIT 

Windows 32 Bit

Once it has been downloaded  – double click the “AWSCLI64 .msi”  file to execute the installer –


Accept the agreement to continue


make a note of the path or choose the path where you need  it installed



and start the installation by clicking on install



below is the last screen that shows that the installation is complete and click finish to close the window


Now you can launch the command line with the path where the AWS CLI is installed and connect to your AWS account


You can start with “AWS HELP” to see all command lets type – in order to connect to your AWS account you will need to download your access to key that can be downloaded from your AWS console

Login to your AWS console and go to services – Security and Identity and “IAM” like the screen shot below



Under the IAM on the left side click on users and create a new user or choose an existing one – in this  case I am going to create a new user for the demo purpose




Once the user is created in this case use called “AWSCLI” is created


Download the keys by clicking on download and this will save the keys to the download folder


The file is saved as an excel in the download folder –  below is what you will see in the file


Once you have downloaded the keys then go to the command prompt and type “AWS CONFIGURE”

here what you will need to put in

  • Access key
  • Secret Key
  • Region
  • Output Format

You can configure and update  the new settings anytime by running the “AWS Configure” command



Here is an example on how you can execute commands try the CLI

you can see the output of the cerate-user command




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