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How to install the Commvault Commcell Admin Console for Remote Administrations

Commvault Console can be installed locally for Remote backup managements – here are the steps to configure the Commvault Console step by step

On the root of the Commvault Comserv – there is setup folder on the following path where it has all the setup files – you can also use the UNC path or share the installer folder

See the screenshot for the full path of the install files.


Under the installer folder – there is a setup.exe which is used the start the install. Double click the setup.exe to start the installation


Check the ” I  Agree” box to continue the installation


Choose ” Install packages on this computer”


Choose the Component that you need to install and in this case it Commvault Comcell admin console. these install files are used for all sort of installations

Confirm the location of the install, which is by default goes to the root drive and click next

Define the name of the Commserv and it has to be a “fully qualified domain name” for example commserv.test.com

Confirm the settings and click the right arrow to continue the installation

You can see the progress in the progress bar

Click finish to finish the installation

One the installation is finished then you can launch the console on the local computer and management becomes much easier for performing backups and restores.

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