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How to install VMWare Vcenter 6.5 appliance step by step

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This article will walk  you thru installing the Vcenter 6.5 appliance  step by step with screenshots First you will need to download the files which is an ISO format and once downloaded then you will need to extract the files.

Run the “installer.exe” file after the extraction

On the next screen where you will need to choose if it is an upgrade or a new install – in this case choose Install

Choose Next to deploy the appliance

On the next screen, you will get to choose what kind of platform architecture you need – for a small deployment choose “Embedded Platform Services Controller”

One this screen you will need to input  the IP address/username/password of the ESX host where you would want to have the appliance installed

You will be prompted for certificate warning, click yes to continue

Set the appliance name and choose next

On this screen you can choose the deployment and storage size and details on what each size does is listed

Below is listed storage that is connected to the ESX server where Vcenter is beng installed


On the below screen you will need choose the Virtual switch where you want to have the VCenter connected and other details like name and Network addressing

Click finish to confirm and start the installation

You can see the progress by looking at the bar


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