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How to install/setup a Google Search Appliance GSA

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The Google appliance comes pre-configured with the Linux OS and It has 4 Network built-in ports and dual power supplies.  Below is the picture of the appliance


The install is very simple and it comes with the orange crossover cable that can be used to connect the laptop to Port 3 of the appliance for the initial configurations

  1. Connect the orange cat 5 cable to the network port on the LAN 3 port on the Google appliance and connect the other end to your laptop.
  2. Once your laptop is connected to the appliance – you should now have an IP address that was assigned by the Google Appliance
  3. The IP address will be
  4. Once you confirm that you have an IP address then open the Browser and type
  5. you should now be able to assign Ip addressess to the LAN 1 and LAN 2 Port
  6. Port 2 will be the dedicated admin NIC
  7. for example if you have assigned IP address to the Port 1 interface and on the Port 2 interface then the port 3 will be dedicated for the administration only
  8. You can then access the device on the network by going to HTTP:// for port 80 and HTTP:// for SSL secure access

Below is a link to Wikipedia for more details


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