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How to recover and reset the Cisco ASA password

Here are  the steps to reset  the forgotten password from the Cisco ASA’s without losing the running configuration. below is the screenshot of the physical Cisco ASA  and I have pointed out the console port – you will need to be physical there or have out of band access to the Cisco Console port



Once you have access to the firewall – you will need to reboot the firewall by powering off and on and you will see the following screen



Once the firewall is rebooting then you will need to hit the escape key to get into the “rommon mode”

  1.  Hit the Escape key during the reboot
  2.  Note that boot was interrupted and it will take you to “rommon mode”


Once you are in the “rommom” mode then you will need to type “confreg”


Hit enter and make a note of the configuration register value




You will be prompted to enter values and below is the screenshot with all the values that you will need to enter




Now since we have changed the configuration value when we boot the firewall it will bypass the running configuration

Issue the boot command to boot the firewall


Once the firewall reboots then enter “enable” to go to the privilege mode


Now copy the running configuration with the startup config


Make sure you add the username and password before the reboot


Now you will need to change the register value that you noted and you should be good and will be able to login in with the new password



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