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How to set up an AWS billing alert step by step

This article will  walk you thru setting up an AWS billing alert – Go to the AWS SNS Dashboard and you will need to do the following

  1. in the SNS dashboard click on Topic on the left
  2. Create a new Topic


  1. Name the Topic
  2. Add the display name
  3. Click on Create Topic



Once the Topic has been created – click on Subscription on the left to create a new Subscription

  1.  ARN resource name is chosen by default
  2. Choose the method for getting alerts – in this case – we are using email
  3. Endpoint would be your email address where alerts would come in



Once you have created a subscription, it will go into a pending state until it is confirmed via email




Below is a sample email you will get to confirm the subscription

  1.  AWS email
  2. ARN Resource
  3. Link to confirm the subscription




Clicking on Confirm Subscription will take you the screen below

  1. shows your email
  2. Resource name
  3. if you need undo the subscription


Go to the ClouWatch dashboard and follow the steps

  1. Go to billing on the left
  2. Note the amount free alarms and emails that are provided to you
  3. Create the alarm by clicking on the blue radio button


here you add the details

  1.  Look to confirm the estimated charges
  2. Enter the billing amount threshold
  3. Choose the Topic that you created earlier
  4. Click on create Alarm



This completes the tutorial on how to setup the AWS billing alerts step by step




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