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How to setup the VPC on Cisco Nexus series switches step by step

This article will walk you thru on setting up Cisco Nexus 9300 series switches step by step. Power the switches up and cable them on the TE ports.  below is the pic to show the physical connections and cabling

Few things you need to confirm and check are licenses and features.

Features are not enabled by default, first of all you will need to enable feature “VPC” and “LACP”

The screen shot shows the command to enable the VPC feature

Now you will need to setup the VPC domain and the related configuration

  1. Setup the domain
  2. Setup the Role for the switch
  3. Setup the peer keepalive configurations where you will need IP addresses here  – can use the /30 addresses
  4. Setup the peer-gateway

Now you will need to setup the VPC Peer-LINK port-channel – here is what you will need in the configuration mode

  1. Interface po 1
  2. Add the description
  3. switchport
  4. switchport mode trunk
  5. add the command to allow VLANS
  6. Change the port type to “Network”
  7. Enable the “VPC peer-link”

Below is the output of ” sh run int po 1″ and it will display the details below. 

Now configure the physical interface where you have the Fiber cables connected – in this case, Port 1/53 is being used to carry the VPC peer-link” traffic

You will also need to configure the port for VPC keepalive-  you can use any port for this, since this is only used for keepalive traffic – in this case Eth 1/1 is used


Make that interface part of the VRF group and assign the IP address from the previous config

Add the VRF context in the global config mode

At this point – you should be able to do VRF ping to each other and Port channel 1 should be showing up and now you are ready for the VPC Peer configurations for your servers

Below is an example of the VRF ping to check the connectivity

Run the “sh vpc” command to confirm the VPC details and you can see that it shows that peer is alive

VRF setup between the switches is now complete and traffic should be flowing between the switches.

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