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How to treat a cedar apple rust on your apple tree.

The reason I an writing this is due to a apple that I planed three years ago and every year, I wait for the fruit to come and in return I get  diseased apples. It took me a while to understand what is happening and why it is happening.  My apple tree is close to the Cedar trees in my garden and they are the cause behind it.

I figured, I can track the progress here since it may be now too late to cure that tree, however I will be ready to prevent the tree from get the cedar rust next year. I am going to post some pictures so you can see how bad it looks and will post next year so see if I was successful.

This is now three years old and every year, it looks like this.

another close up picture.

I had a big juniper tree which was most likely the cause, the tree was cut and now I have to see what happens next year.  there are many sprays in the market and I am going research and try one to see if that helps too.


I will keep everyone posted on what I see next year 🙂


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