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How to Upgrade the Cisco Wireless Controller 5508 from version to

This tutorial will walk you thru the simple steps of upgrading the software on the Cisco Wireless Controller 5508 from version to

First,  you will need to do is to  download the Wireless IOS version from the Cisco support site to your TFTP server.  if you don’t have a TFTP server then there are many free ones out there that you can download

Few things to check before the upgrade

  1. Check the version of the Wireless Controller
  2. Check the version of all the access points

You can run the command below to check version of  all the access points from the command line

“show ap image all”

Login to the WLC web interface and go to the commands tab click on Download

below is the screenshot that shows the variables that all need to in there click on download

  1. Mode of Transfer
  2. Path to be specified
  3. IOS code file name


Click on download the start the process for the upgrade and click “OK” to accept the message


First message that shows the code transfer process by stating “TFTP Code transfer starting”


You can also check the progress of the upgrade by looking at your TFTP server progress bar

  1. shows the network interface IP that is used by the TFTP server
  2. Progress bar for the upgrade process


You can watch the progress on each step and the browser updates automatically


Below is the screenshot that shows that the IOS is now being saved to flash


Now it is pushing the AP image files to flash for the all AP types


The below screen shows that the upgrade is now complete and also states that you can pre-download the image to all the access points to save downtime – this is not a needed step  and access  points will download the code on their own when the controller  reboots, but is recommended to do it ahead of time


You can check the version of all the access points by running the “show ap image all ” like in the below screen shot you can see the primary image and pre-downloaded image on the top two access points


You can kick off the upgrade on all the access points by running the following command in the Command line tool

“config ap image predownload primary all”


This completes the tutorial on upgrading the Wireless controller from to

I hope this was useful

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