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[solved] How to create a local user in PulseSecure appliance with read only access step by step.

Below are the steps to create a read-only Administrator role.

There are many reasons why you may need to create a local user in the PulseSecure appliance with read only access.

  1. This is how helpdesk can login with ready only access to check configurations, user activities and logs if needed.
  2. Auditors at times may need to check the configurations
  3. last but not the least is you may need to set up authenticated scanning using the security tools so the scanner can login using using the read only account to detect any vulnerabilities the appliance may have and if it would require patching

Login into the PulseSecure appliance by logging into the portal using the admin credentials.

Once you are logged in to the admin portal of the PulseSecure appliance

Go to Authentication tab and click on the “Auth Servers”

Choose “Administrators”

Go to the “users” tab and create a new user

Go to Administrators tab and choose Admin Realms

Click on the Admins Users

Once you are in the Admin users tab then choose Role Mapping tab and create a new rule for the local user that you created in the pervious step.

Enter a name for the Rule.  Under section “Rule:If username..” section enter the username created previously , “then assign these roles” select “.Read-Only Administrators” and Save Changes.

Back on the Role Mapping page, click on the check box for the role mapping rule that was just created and click the Up Arrow at the top until the rule is the first rule in the table.  This is to make sure that only the “.Read-Only” role is applied to the username created.

Thanks for reading this and I hope I have gone thru steps to make sure any one admin can login and create locals users for different purposes

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