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[solved] How to install/add/update the Cisco ISE APEX license step by step

Cisco ISE APEX license a base license that is used for ISE authentications and this article will walk you thru on installing/updating  the Cisco ISE APEX license step by step  in the Cisco ISE console

The first step is getting the license and which comes in an email format  and it comes from [email protected]


You will need to go to the Cisco site which is https://www.cisco.com/go/license


One you have logged in to the Cisco site, you will need to navigate to licenses and you should see your licenses there and choose the one you want to download and click on Download to download the licenses

If you do not see the license then you will need to use your Product Authorization Key (PAK )” to get the license – go to “PAK’s and Token”  “get licenses” and choose “From a new PAK”

Use the PAK that was sent to the registered email and should be in a PDF format and enter the PAK in the screen below and choose next

You will also need to then add the pin number which should be on the PDF file that was sent to the email

Here is what you will need to assign to the account – It will use “Default” if you have not created one and click next

Now you will need to assign the Cisco ISE serial “Primary UDI” and be retrieved by running the “show UDI”command in the ssh ISE console. the first three lines are required

Below is what  you will see when running the show UDI command – copy the “SPID” ” VPID”and the “Serial #”

It should then let you submit the file

Once completed the next screen will let you download the license file and it will also send you the file using the registered email


It should download the licenses in the download folder as a zip file. you will need to extract the license from the zip file first to apply to  Cisco ISE

Login into the Cisco ISE portal and go to the “Administrations and Licensing”

Once in the licensing page you will need to click on “import licenses” and browse to the download folder and choose the file that you extracted from the zip file

It will take you the following screen – choose the file from the download location

Once the file has been selected – choose “Import” to import the file into the Cisco ISE

This will add the new license – thanks for reading this and I hope it has helped and solved your issue


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