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[solved] how to resolve the windows event ID 8018 where DNS is rejecting the client update

This articles will walk you thru on taking the steps to resolve the windows event ID 8018.

If the computer is not registering its host name with the DNS server, there could be many reason and we can start with some troubleshooting, if the IP address is assigned by the DHCP server then it  could possibly be the permission issue

There are DNS logs on the DNS server and the path of the locations are ‘”C:\windows\systems32\dns\logs” where you see the refused messages – however it does not give more details on the why it is refusing the update

The key thing is to understand why the update is being refused.

lets compare a good and bad update

“Good Update”

below is an extract from a good update – you can see that the destination port is 53 and the packet type is an “standard query and unsecured update”  and there are three standard query requests

Below is the successful response with same three response records and this creates a record in the DNS server

Now that we know what a good update is like we can see what is in the bad update on why the query type is being denied by the server

“Bad Update”

Now if you do ipconfig /registerdns on the server that is not updating the record – below is what you will see and you can see there is additional record which is a secure update and which is being refused by the DNS server

The issue is related to DHCP service on the client which is responsible to registering hostname to the DNS server which is done using the secure update and in this case DNS is rejecting that update

One thing you can try is to turn off secure updates and see if that fixes it

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