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[solved] how to setup Cisco Umbrella/opendns virtual appliance on VMWare step by step

This article will walk you thru on installing and configuring the Cisco Umbrella virtual appliance in VMWare.  Virtual appliances referred as VA  are used in conjunction with Windows domain controller to integrate Active directory into the Cisco Umbrella portal.

you will need to login to the Cisco Umbrella portal to download the virtual appliance which means you already own the Cisco Umbrella security suite


Once you are logged in then you can navigate to “Deployment” and “sites and Active Directory” in the left pane


click on the “download Components” on the right side

It will take you to the next screen where you can download the VA and also review the documents

  1.  Download is for downloading the OVA file
  2. Getting started link takes you the documentation page – which is pretty detailed


Once you have downloaded the OVA file  then you can go to the VMWare virtual  center and deploy the OVA file,  the current version at the time of this articles is 2.5

Launch the browser and open the link to your VMware virtual center and log in using your username and password and most likely this would be your AD user account

Right click the cluster on the left and choose deploy an OVF file. give it a name and browse the download location where you downloaded the file


start the virtual appliance once the deployment is completed, not that it will pick the DHCP settings by default and you can change those setting later by logging and enabling SSH in the appliance.

Name the virtual appliance and choose a sever that you need host it on and click next

final configuration details o f the virtual appliance and you can by default it is thick provisioned and if you are short on space then you can choose thin improvising

below is the next screen you can choose to change to thin or thick provising

Choose the virtual switch if you have more than one configured and clic

Verify the configuration choose finish to install the VA

Username is vmadmin and the default password is Umbrella+org_id. you can find your org id when you login and check the URL once you are logged in and you will see the ID there

the first step is to change the password and below  is what you see when you connect using the VMWare console

Once you have changed the password and IP address to static then you should be able to go to the portal and see virtual appliance should be live



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