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[SOLVED] how to upgrade the pulse secure connect appliance to the latest service pack step by step

This article will walk you thru on upgrading the pulse secure appliance to the latest service pack from downloading the software to the installation.

here are steps you will need to do

login to the pulse secure portal by clicking on the link below


Once you are logged in then go the Download Center

Once in the Downloads section click on the downloads again as shown below

below is what you will need choose to pulse secure and again depends on your product – in my case it is pulse secure connect

Once you click on the Pulse Secure link on the left it will populate another link on the right with more URL – pick the Pulse Secure Connect and go the next screen

You will be presented with more choices pick the top one and move on

Click on the link again to go to the next screen


Click on the “I Agree” to go the next screen again 🙂



Finally you can download the service pack – this will download the service pack to your download folder – you can repeat the same steps for an upgrade to a newer version

Now log into the Pulse Connect Secure portal by logging in using the URL using the admin credentials

https://appliance ip address/admin


Choose Maintenance –

1. System

2. Upgrade/Downgrade


Browse to the location where you downloaded the file

you also have the option to stage the file and install later on by choosing the manage staged service package

Pick the file and click on install

A new window will pop up which will show the upload process

Do not navigate from the web page or the installation will abort, if this is a VM then you can use the console to see the progress or if it is a physical appliance then you will need to login using the serial cable

A screen shot of the console in a virtual environment

Once the upgrade is complete then you can refresh the page and once you see the login then the upgrade is completed



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