[solved] How to enable encryption on a NetApp volumes step by step

What is encryption and why do we need to enable it on the NetApp

Encryption is a process of converting disk data into the unreadable format by using a key that is stored in the key vault with your network in case the disks are stolen and someone then tries to get the data from the disk, since the disk are encrypted they won’t be able to retrieve the date from the disk since they don’t have the key

What is required to enable encryption on the NetApp

You will need the encryption license on the NetApp and this is how you can validate if you have one or need one.

You can log in to the NetApp cluster using SSH with the admin credentials and run the following commands to see if you have the required license for encryption.

You can run the command “License show” to see if you have the license.

see below for the output from the Netapp

VE license Volume Encryption License installed.

Enable OnBoard key management in OnTap

Now that you have the VE license confirmation, you will need to enable key management on the NetApp, that is the first step for encryption. You will need to generate a key that will be used to encrypt the volumes.




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