[Solved] how to fix the AWS EC2 ephemeral drives mapping issue step by step


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AWS EC2 ephemeral drives are the drives that are mapped dynamically depending on the EC2 instance type.


Issue explained

When the EC2 server in AWS  is booted that has ephemeral drives, drive letters are automatically assigned by the Windows OS. in this particular issue, drives are not getting mapped, and if your application or any process is dependent on those ephemeral drives. updating the PV drivers and EC2 configuration does not help in this case and will not work

below is the link to update the drivers in the AWS Windows EC2 AMI’s

Updating the drivers will map the drives that were not previously mapped

Steps to install the drivers as defined in the AWS link above

To download and install the latest AWS NVMe driver

  1. Connect to your instance and log in as the local administrator.
  2. Download the latest driver package to the instance.
  3. Extract the zip archive.
  4. Install the driver by running the 

     PowerShell script.

  5. If the installer does not reboot your instance, reboot the instance.


Thanks for reading this and let me know if this has not helped in your situation





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