How to get free WiFi on an airplane

How to get free WiFi on an airplane

No one can be bothered to pay those pesky airline WiFi fees. Some of them can range upwards of $15-20 for a two hour flight, for some subpar WiFi that can’t even load the simplest of web pages. This lifehack has a decent probability of working, but slowly is becoming blocked as airlines update their inflight wifi (such as American Airlines with ViaSat recently)


  • Ensure the flight you are on offers WiFi, and find out the provider of that WiFi (Gogo, ViaSat, etc.)
  • Ensure you do not have the native app for your airline downloaded (No American App, United, Southwest, etc)


  1. Once above 10,000 feet and WiFi is activated, connect to the inflight wifi and open up a browser or wait for the login splash page.
  2. Often, these pages will have other free flight information besides just browsing packages- such as flight information, free entertainment, news, and more
  3. To access most of these features, the airlines require you download their native application for best functionality
  4. If you do not have it, it gives you the option to download this and redirects you to the app store
  5. From here, just back out and you should start receiving limited WiFi access (I’ve noted that text messages/WhatsApp/other messaging platforms work)

I’ve had this last me from the whole flight to only a few minutes, but if you get lucky, it may stick and you can enjoy painless wifi on those long, grueling flights 🙂

Thanks ya’ll for reading and hope this works

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