[Solved] How to add a workspace in Microsoft PowerBI

[Solved] How to add a workspace in Microsoft PowerBI

Power BI is a tool used for data analytics and in this we can see how we can add a workspace in Power BI.  Here are the steps to create a simple workspace in Power BI.

  1. Navigate to the Power BI Dashboard
  2. Select Workspaces, then “Create a Workspace”
  3. Enter these Details
    • Workspace Name: Add the Workspace name” My test workspace”
    • Contact list: Select “specific users and groups” and choose the group
    • Click on “Advanced to see the other options

You do have the option to choose a license type and below are the license options to choose from:

    • Pro
    • Premium per user
    • Premium per capacity
    • Embedded

Click on “Save” to create the workspace.

Thanks for reading and I hope that I have provided some easy instructions.







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