[solved] how to fix the AWS RDS “DB instance already exists (Service: AmazonRDS; Status code: 400; Error code: DBinstancealreadyexists; Request ID : XXXXXXX)

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This is quick article to walk you thru on a restoring failed database in AWS and resolving the error message below

DB instance already exists (Service: AmazonRDS; Status code: 400; Error code: DBinstancealreadyexists

below is an example of a failed database and this could be due to many reasons – most likely a failure on the AWS side

Here is a process to restore your database back to operations;

Choose the failed database in AWS RDS console and choose “modify” and “restore to point in time”

here you will have the options to choose a last good restore or choose a custom one

You have the options to modify the properties if you need or can keep them the same

Few more options to change if needed or can be kept the same


Now click on Launch DB instance to start the restore

This is where you might get the error message below

This is because the “DB  instance identifier” name can be the same and can be changed during the restore and has to be unique

Once you change the “DB  instance identifier” then it will launch a new instance and you will then need to point your applicaion to the new DB instance name and once your application is up then you can delete the old one

I hope this helps

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