How to configure and implement AWS Transit VPC step by step

How to configure and implement AWS Transit VPC step by step

What is a transit VPC and what does it solve – if you have multiple VPC in a single account or multiple accounts in one region – the only way you can communicate with each other was by doing VPC peering and it was not possible to have VPC peering in different regions and you needed to turn up VPN gateways to have connectivity in different regions. Now with Transit VPC connecting VPC between different regions is solved

Below is the link for getting you going with the Transit VPC

In the diagram below – you can see how the transit VPC works, transit VPC runs as a hub and spoke model

  1. Transit VPC in US East
  2. Spoke VPC A in US WEST
  3. Spoke VPC B in Ireland
  4.  this defines as many as you need to add
  5. CSR Routers

Let’s create a Spoke VPC A in the west region

Let’s create a second Spoke VPC B in the Ireland Region


Now that we have both Spoke VPC’s created, let’s work on getting the transit VPC by going to the following link and setting the license type

Step 1:

Accept the agreement and choose the license type

Step 2:

launch the cloud formation template by going to the link above and click on “Launch Solution”

Note the following field

  1. Name the Stack
  2. Drop down the menu to choose the throughput required for your company
  3. Choose the key that you need to use by using the drop-down menu
  4. Choose the license model type
  5. Choose the termination protection

This will create the transit VPC


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